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init Beta

Creates a new Paperspace app. This command creates a new directory with a default app structure. You can optionally specify a name for the app and a template to use. If no template is specified, the default template is used.

Creates a new app in the current directory.

$ pspace init

Create a new app named “my-app” relative to the current directory.

$ pspace init my-app

Create a new app named “my-app” relative to the current directory using a template from the Paperspace GitHub organization.

$ pspace init my-app -t Paperspace/gradio-demo


The directory to create the app in. Defaults to the current directory.

[argument] (string, required)


–template, -t (string, required)

A template to use when creating the app. This can be a URL to a git repository or a shorthand template name.

These templates are equivalent:

Download from GitLab:

Download from Bitbucket

Specify a tag or branch:

  • user/repo#dev # branch
  • user/repo#v1.2.3 # release tag
  • user/repo#1234abcd # commit hash

mode, -m (string, optional)

The mode to use when creating the app. This can be either “git” or “tar”. If “git” is specified, the template is downloaded as a tarball. “git” clones over SSH, so you must have a valid SSH key configured with GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab. One of git or tar.

name, -n (string, optional)

The name of the app. Defaults to the first argument current directory name.

clean, -c (boolean, optional)

Clean the Paperspace cache. This negates other args/flags.

Global Flags

These flags are available on all commands.

–log-level, -l (string, optional)

Enable debug logging. One of debug, info, warning, error, or critical.

–json, -j (boolean, optional)

Output JSON

–api-key (string, optional)

A Paperspace public API Key used for authenticating requests

–help, -h (boolean, optional)

Show help for a command