Volume Limits

Volumes are network-based block devices that provide additional data storage for Droplets. You can move them between Droplets, create disk images of them, and resize them at any time.

  • You cannot rename volumes.

  • You can only attach a volume to one Droplet at a time.

  • You can attach a maximum of 7 volumes to any one node or Droplet.

  • Volumes can range from 1 GiB to 16 TiB in size.

  • You can create up to 5,000 volumes.

  • One-Click apps do not support automatic formatting and mounting.

  • Volumes are not included in Droplet backups. However, you can create snapshots of volumes and create volumes based on those snapshots.

  • Tags for volumes are only supported via the API.

  • Volume IOPS and throughput limits depend on the Droplet type:

Type IOPS Throughput
Standard 7,500 300 MB/s
Standard (burst) 10,000 450 MB/s
CPU-Optimized 10,000 450 MB/s
CPU-Optimized (burst) 15,000 525 MB/s