Volume Limits

Block storage volumes are network-based block devices that provide additional data storage for Droplets. You can move them between Droplets and resize them at any time. Learn more about volumes.

  • You cannot rename volumes.

  • You can only attach a volume to one Droplet at a time.

  • By default, users can create up to 100 volumes and up to a total of 16 TiB of disk space per region. You can contact our support team to request an increase. You can attach a maximum of 7 volumes to any one node or Droplet, and this limit cannot be changed.

  • Unverified users can have up to 10 volumes per region and up to a total of 500 GB of disk space per region. Learn more about account verification.

  • FreeBSD, RancherOS, and one-click apps do not support automatic formatting and mounting.

  • Volumes are not included in Droplet backups. However, you can create snapshots of volumes and create volumes based on those snapshots.

  • Tags for volumes are only supported via the API.

  • Volume IOPS and throughput limits are currently 5000 IOPS and 200MBps, respectively, regardless of the size of the volume. These limits are applied per volume and not in aggregate. If you see lower values, it could be a result of I/O contention with other processes on the same Droplet.