Volumes Reference

Volumes are network-based block devices that provide additional data storage for Droplets. You can move them between Droplets, create disk images of them, and resize them at any time.

The DigitalOcean API lets you manage DigitalOcean resources programmatically using conventional HTTP requests. All the functionality available in the DigitalOcean Control Panel is also available through the API.

doctl is a command-line interface for the DigitalOcean API and supports many of the same actions.

doctl supports managing volumes from the command line. See the doctl compute volume documentation or use doctl compute volume --help for more information.

Use the DigitalOcean API to create, list, and delete volumes.
Volumes actions are commands that can be given to a volume, like detaching or attaching a volume from a Droplet.
The sub-commands of doctl compute volume manage your volumes.