How to Delete Domains

Adding a domain you own to your DigitalOcean account lets you manage the domain’s DNS records with the control panel and API. Domains you manage on DigitalOcean also integrate with DigitalOcean Load Balancers and Spaces to streamline automatic SSL certificate management.

If you no longer want to manage the DNS records for a domain on DigitalOcean, you can delete the domain. This removes the domain and its DNS records from the account, but it does not delete the domain name registration. The domain registrar manages registration.

To delete a domain that is associated with a Let’s Encrypt certificate used with other DigitalOcean resources, you must first delete the certificate. Make sure to reconfigure anything that used the certificate, like load balancer SSL termination or custom Spaces CDN endpoints.

To delete a domain, log in to the control panel and click Networking in the main menu to go to the Domains tab.

A single domain listed

Open the More menu of the domain you want to delete, then click Delete. In the confirmation window, click Delete Domain to permanently delete the domain and its records from the account.