DNS Reference

Adding a domain you own to your DigitalOcean account lets you manage the domain’s DNS records with the control panel and API. Domains you manage on DigitalOcean also integrate with DigitalOcean Load Balancers and Spaces to streamline automatic SSL certificate management.

DigitalOcean API and CLI

The DigitalOcean API lets you manage DigitalOcean resources programmatically using conventional HTTP requests. All the functionality available in the DigitalOcean Control Panel is also available through the API.

doctl is a command-line interface for the DigitalOcean API and supports many of the same actions.

doctl supports managing domains and DNS records from the command line. See the doctl documentation or use doctl compute domain --help for more information.

Use the DigitalOcean API to create, configure, list, and delete VPCs.
Use the subcommands of doctl compute domain to manage domains you have purchased from a domain name registrar that you are managing through the DigitalOcean DNS interface.

Other DigitalOcean Tools

A simple browser-based tool to perform DNS lookups. Type a domain, search, and instantly get results.
A tool that explains a domain’s SPF records. Search a domain and either explore its records or evaluate an IP for mail sending.