Video and streaming applications.

Scalable, Ultra Low Latency & Adaptive WebRTC Streaming Media Server
Scalable Ultra Low Latency WebRTC, Adaptive Bitrate, RTMP, MP4, HLS, RTSP
AzuraCast is a self-hosted, free and open-source “web radio in a box”, containing all of the neces…
BigBlueButton is a free software web conferencing system that features a whiteboard that suits lectu…
Chevereto-Free allows you to create a full-featured image hosting website on your own server.
Streaming media server-side platform for real-time video delivery in browsers and mobile apps
Ingest, transcode and deliver HLS, WebRTC, DASH, SRT
Hubs Cloud Personal lets you create immersive spaces that are accessible through the web. It’s your …
Jitsi is an open source app for videoconferencing and chat. Works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and …
Real-time audio/video/data streaming server.
The Unlight is an open-source browser game, this application let you setup server with one-click.
Owncast is an open source, self-hosted live video and chat server for use with existing popular broa…
Privately browse, organize, and share your photo collection.
A lightweight open-source video cloud based on Nodejs, SRS, FFmpeg, WebRTC, etc.