Launch a database server with just a few clicks. Choose from popular databases like MySQL, MongoDB, and more.

Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used by thousands of companies f…
ClickHouse is the fastest and most resource-efficient open-source database for real-time apps and an…
Manage and monitor MySQL, MariaDB Server, MariaDB Galera, Percona Server, Percona XtraDB, PostgreSQL…
Deploy an EdgeDB instance on Digital Ocean in one click.
HarperDB is a globally-distributed edge application platform.
HQbird Firebird - 10.2.1201
Ready to go HQbird Firebird
Ready to go HQbird Firebird
Ready to go HQbird Firebird
Git-like capabilities for your object storage
MariaDB Server is one of the most popular open source relational databases.
Meilisearch is a powerful, fast, open-source, easy to use, and deploy search engine. Both searching …
Reliable and powerful Memcached-as-a-service.
Up-to-date and secure image of the open-source RDBMS MonetDB, the pioneering of columnar RDBMS known…
The leading NoSQL database
The world’s most popular open source database
OpenSearch is a community-driven, open source search and analytics suite derived from Apache 2.0 lic…
Connect your database to view, query, edit and visualize your data.
Perforce version control — Helix Core — tracks and manages changes to your source code, digital asse…
phpMyAdmin is a free PHP-based software tool for management of MySQL.
Open-Source backend for your next SaaS and Mobile app in one file
The fastest open-source SQL database for time series
The open-source database for the realtime web
No-code database web application builder
PostgreSQL server for The PlanMinder project planning software available at
Upstash for Redis® Serverless Database
Valkey is an open source, in-memory data store
VictoriaLogs is open source user-friendly database for logs from VictoriaMetrics.