DigitalOcean Kubernetes (DOKS) is a managed Kubernetes service that lets you deploy Kubernetes clusters without the complexities of handling the control plane and containerized infrastructure. Clusters are compatible with standard Kubernetes toolchains, integrate natively with DigitalOcean Load Balancers and volumes, and can be managed programmatically using the API and command line. For critical workloads, add the high-availability control plane to increase uptime with 99.95% SLA.

  • Updates to system components:

    • Updated to kernel to Linux 5.10.120.
      • This is an upgrade from Linux 4.19 on earlier DOKS 1.21 patch versions. This upgrade is necessary to address a limitation in BPF program size on kernels prior to Linux 5.1 that can lead to degraded cluster state where worker nodes are unable to provision new network namespaces for pods.
    • Updated to Kubernetes v1.21.14
  • Changes to system components:

    • Disabled Cilium’s eBPF-based NodePort handling in favor of kube-proxy’s as it does not support graceful termination properly in v1.10. (This also disables the eBPF implementations for features depending on NodePort handling in Cilium in favor of kube-proxy, namely host IP and external IP processing.)