Functions Pricing

Functions are blocks of code that run on demand without the need to manage any infrastructure. Develop on your local machine, test your code from the command line (using doctl), then deploy to a production namespace or App Platform — no servers required.

Functions are billed per GiB-second, which is calculated by multiplying the memory a function uses in GiB by the time it takes to execute in seconds.

Each team has a free allowance of 90,000 GiB-seconds (25 GiB-hours) per month across all functions, including function components in App Platform. Additional usage beyond the free allowance is charged at $0.0000185 per GiB-second ($0.0666 per GiB-hour). Functions run for a minimum of 100ms per invocation, but pricing does not otherwise change with the number of invocations.

Functions components in App Platform otherwise follow App Platform pricing, including bandwidth.