Wildcard Record

Wildcard records are DNS records that direct requests for non-existent subdomains to a specified resource or IP address.

For example, if you type help.example.com into your browser and the domain example.com doesn’t have a defined DNS record for the subdomain help.example.com, a wildcard record would direct you to the defined resource or IP address in its WILL DIRECT TO field.

Records created at a hostname covered by a wildcard record will stop wildcard resolution for that hostname. For example, if you have an A wildcard record at *.example.com, and you add an MX record at the hostname email.example.com, you can no longer serve a wildcard record at email.example.com. However, you can still add an explicit A record to the hostname email.example.com if your use case requires it.

To create a wildcard record, enter a * into the HOSTNAME field when creating a DNS record.

App Platform

For custom domains, you can add apex wildcard domains which the App Platform validates and issues certificates for.

App Platform does not support wildcard DNS records for any of the top-level domains (TLDs) listed on this DigiCert reference page.

In App Platform, you can add a wildcard record to your app’s domain to redirect queries for non-existent subdomains to the domain’s root.

For more information on how to manage your App Platform using wildcards, see How to Manage Domains in App Platform.

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