Virtual Machine

A virtual machine, or VM, is a self-contained virtualization of an operating system (OS).

VMs provide easy provisioning, high availability, and maintainability. An example of a VM is DigitalOcean’s Droplet, which is a Linux VM.

There are two types of VM:

  • A process virtual machine, or process VM, is a platform-independent environment which allows users to run multiple separate computer architectures or operating systems (OS) within one hardware.
  • A system virtual machine, or system VM, is a fully-virtualized VM of a real machine, where the VM includes an entire operating system (OS).
Use the Droplet Console from a web browser to connect to Droplets for native-like terminal access to your remote server.
Install the Droplet agent on older Droplets to enable features like the Droplet Console, or uninstall the agent to remove access.
Securely move files between Droplets and your local machine using FileZilla, an open-source FTP client.