SSH (Secure Shell Protocol) is a method to secure remote logins and communications from one computer to another which provides strong authentication and protects communication through strong encryption.

Because SSH provides encrypted messages between two networks, SSH is helpful for security on untrusted networks.

The protocol provides:

  • Secure access for networks
  • File transfers
  • Remote commands
  • Network management


To improve your security, we recommend using SSH keys with SFTP. If you aren’t already using SSH keys to connect to your Droplet, set them up using our guide, How-to Add SSH Keys to New or Existing Droplets.

For security reasons, you can’t add or modify the SSH keys on your Droplet using the control panel after you create it, but you have several options to add and modify them via the command line. To learn more about using SSH public keys with existing Droplets, see How to Upload an SSH Public Key to an Existing Droplet.


The suggested inbound rule for SSH allows SSH connections on port 22 so that users can log in to and manage the server from anywhere using a terminal.

SSH Articles

Use the Droplet Console from a web browser to connect to Droplets for native-like terminal access to your remote server.
Securely move files between Droplets and your local machine using FileZilla, an open-source FTP client.
Use the Recovery Console to recover access to a Droplet. It provides out-of-band access regardless of your network settings. It emulates the access you would have if you were sitting down with a keyboard and monitor attached to the actual server.