S3-Compatible Object Storage

S3-Compatible Object Storage, or S3 is a storage solution that uses the S3 API.

Data management and access to data is through an S3 compliant interface.

The Spaces API aims to be interoperable with Amazon’s AWS S3 API. In most cases, when using a client library, setting the “endpoint” or “base” URL, which is the URL that provides access to your application, to ${REGION}.digitaloceanspaces.com and generating a Spaces key pair to replace your AWS IAM key pair will allow you to use Spaces in place of S3.

Third-party API client libraries allow you to interact with Spaces buckets programmatically. You can use AWS S3 SDKs and other S3 compatible libraries with Spaces.

The Spaces API is inter-operable with the AWS S3 API, meaning you can use existing S3 tools and libraries with it. These examples demonstrate how to perform a number of common Spaces operations in JavaScript, Go, PHP, Python 3, and Ruby.

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