A notebook is a virtual environment where code is sequentially written and executed.

Notebooks provide users the ability to display code, data or image visualizations, and documentation all in one place. Examples of notebooks are Jupyter Notebook, R Markdown, and Zeppelin Notebook.

Gradient Notebooks

Paperspace Notebooks are web-based notebooks built on top of Jupyter notebooks. Gradient Notebooks offer a collaborative and interactive environment for creating, editing, visualizing, documenting, and executing code and data.

Gradient notebooks have access to GPU and CPU resources and are designed for handling intensive computations and training machine learning models. Pre-train models, datasets, and libraries are accessible through Paperspace’s Gradient notebooks.

Notebook Articles

Create a Jupyter Notebook by using an existing template or creating a custom notebook.
Create and run two example Gradient Notebooks, one using to get started and another using CLIP-PixelDraw to generate a clip art from a string of text.
Use Gradient to deploy a machine learning model using a high-performance, low-latency microservice with a RESTful API.