Internet Procotol (IP) is a communications protocol used to connect computers across a network, specifically the Internet. IP consists of rules and regulations for transmission of packets across a network including routing and addressing. IP ensures that the packets of data that travel across a network arrives at the correct location.

IP information is attached to each packet which helps routers direct the packets to the right destination.

DigitalOcean VPC provides several IP address ranges that have been allocated for private networking purposes (RFC 1918):

  • –
  • –
  • –

An IP address contains the network’s address, the resource’s address on the network, and the network mask.

IPv4 Anatomy

The network address, or network number is an ID for the network associated with the TCP/IP address. Three octets separated by periods represents the network numbers. An IP address with /24 means that the network address uses up to the first three octets of an IP address. However, if the IP address had /16, then the network address uses up to the first two octets of the IP address.

You can use this table to determine how many usable IPs are available for a specific CIDR prefix on DigitalOcean.

Network Size (CIDR Suffix) Number of Usable IP Addresses
/16 65536
/17 32768
/18 16384
/19 8192
/20 4096
/21 2048
/22 1024
/23 512
/24 256
/28 16

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