DNS Management

Domain Name System management, or DNS management, is the act of managing DNS records for a particular domain or set of domains. For example, you can add an A record to a domain like example.com that points the domain to a Droplet’s IP address. This means that whenever a user types in example.com into their browser, the browser connects to Droplet’s IP and returns any websites that might be hosted there.

Typically your domain registrar manages your DNS for you, but you can choose to delegate your domain’s DNS management to other cloud hosting providers like DigitalOcean. Delegating your DNS to another provider allows you to consolidate your overall server management to one provider.

DNS management is available for DigitalOcean resources in all regions as well as non-DigitalOcean resources. To learn more about managing DNS, see An Introduction to Managing DNS.

Create and configure DNS records for domains managed on DigitalOcean.