CDN Endpoint

A content delivery network (CDN) endpoint is a launching point or destination that is linked to the internet and receives communication and content between multiple servers.

Specifically, the CDN endpoint is a configuration of content delivery behavior and access.

The CDN endpoints may dynamically compress or uncompress content. For example, if the origin object has Content-Encoding: gzip and the client does not send Accept-Encoding: gzip. If dynamically uncompressed, the resulting response has the Content-Encoding: gzip header removed.

You can customize the CDN endpoint with a secure subdomain you own.

A content delivery network, also known as a content distribution network or CDN, is a geographically-distributed network of servers that deliver static content to users.
Improve your app’s performance by caching content with Cache-Control headers.
Use a secure subdomain you own as an alternative endpoint for the Spaces CDN.