Block Storage

In cloud computing, block storage is a network-based way to store data. Block storage services, like DigitalOcean Volumes Block Storage, provide similar behavior to traditional block storage devices, like hard drives.

Cloud-based block storage functions like typical disks. You can format one with a filesystem, configure programs to write to it, and combine multiple devices into a RAID array.

Network-attached block storage devices often have some unique advantages over traditional hard drives, like taking live snapshots of the entire device for backups, resizing for more storage space, and the ability to move storage between machines without copying files.

Volumes are network-based block devices that provide additional data storage for Droplets.
Partition volumes to divide a single storage device into smaller units that you can manage independently.
Create a new volume from the control panel, format it to create its filesystem, then attach and mount it to a Droplet to use it.