Alerting within a computer monitoring system is the ability to send notifications when certain metrics fall outside of expected ranges.

For example, you can set up an alert that is triggered when a Droplet’s CPU usage exceeds 90%.

The alerting can be for a certain metric such as:

  • CPU: The percentage of total CPU used on the Droplet, out of 100%.
  • Bandwidth Inbound: The amount of incoming traffic to the Droplet, in MBps.
  • Bandwidth Outbound: The amount of outgoing traffic from the Droplet, in MBps.
  • Disk Read: The read activity for the Droplet’s disks, in MB/s.
  • Disk Write: The write activity for the Droplet’s disks, in MB/s.
  • Memory Utilization: The percentage of total memory being used, out of 100%.
  • Disk Utilization: The percentage of the root disk storage being used, out of 100%.

You can specify a threshold as a percentage of total available capacity or usage rate depending on the selected metric.

To learn more about how to set up an alert, see How to Set Up Monitoring Alerts.