Reserved IPs Release Notes

September 2022

23 September

July 2022

1 July

  • The following pricing changes are now in effect:

    • A new $4 Droplet with 512MB of memory, 10GB of storage, 1 vCPU, and 500GB of outbound data transfer is now available in NYC1, FRA1, SFO3, SGP1, and AMS3. The slug is s-1vcpu-512mb-10gb.

    • We have simplified pricing for DigitalOcean Kubernetes and some managed databases for better accuracy and predictibility.

    • The prices of Droplets, Snapshots, Load Balancers, Reserved IPs, and Custom Images have increased.

    There is no change to pricing for Spaces, backups, volumes, DigitalOcean Container Registry, or App Platform. There are also no changes to inbound data transfer or bandwidth pricing.

    This is our first major price change in 10 years, and we believe the new model better fits our understanding of our customers and the expanded breadth of our offerings. For a more detailed breakdown of the changes, see our blog post on our new pricing.

June 2022

27 June

  • To improve security, DigitalOcean no longer accepts TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 connections. This includes connections to,, and

16 June

  • We have renamed the Floating IP product to Reserved IPs. The Reserved IP service retains the same functionality as the prior service.

    We have added new API endpoints and fields (reserved_ips) to reflect the name change, but the service’s original Floating IP endpoints and fields (floating_ips) will remain available until the fall of 2023. Please update any automation, scripts, or services that use these endpoints to reflect these changes.

    If you are using the Projects API to query Reserved IP resources, the endpoint still returns reserved IP addresses in the floating_ips field.

August 2021

31 August

May 2021

5 May

  • We have updated the Floating IP API responses to better align with our newer API models. The droplet and region fields now use the same response models used in the /v2/droplets and /v2/regions endpoints. Specifically:

    • The private_networking feature is now displayed under the features field under droplet instead of the features field under region.
    • The vpc_uuid field now populates with the correct values.
    • The Droplet’s type displays base when the Droplet uses a base image (i.e. Ubuntu, CentOS).
    • The Droplet’s networks field now includes private and floating IP addresses, if applicable.

May 2020

15 May

  • Unassigned floating IP charges will now appear on invoices. The first charge will appear on July 2020 invoices for all floating IPs that were not assigned to Droplets during the month of June.

August 2019

19 August

June 2018

11 June

  • Expanded Droplet View allows customers using the Dashboard to click on a Droplet and quickly view additional information about the Droplet without having to go to the Droplet Page. It also updates the list of Droplets to display at a glance whether Backups are on/off and if a Floating IP is attached.