Uptime How-Tos

DigitalOcean Uptime is a monitoring service that checks the health of any URL or IP address. You can use it to monitor the latency, uptime, and SSL certificate of any website or host, and can choose to receive alerts via email or Slack when your site is down, experiencing high latency, or has an SSL certificate that’s about to expire. Learn more about Uptime.

Getting Started

Create an Uptime check to start monitoring an endpoint’s latency, uptime, and SSL certificate.
Create an Uptime alert to receive notifications via email and Slack when a check is failing.
View the Uptime check dashboard for information on uptime, latency, and SSL certificates, as well as for configuring alerts.

Check Management

Edit an Uptime check to change endpoint details, check type, and regions.
Delete an Uptime check and any alerts associated with it.

Alert Management

Edit alerts to change alert types, thresholds, and notification preferences.
Destroy an alert to stop monitoring a metric and receiving notifications for it.