Uptime Features

DigitalOcean Uptime is a monitoring service that checks the health of any URL or IP address. You can use it to monitor the latency, uptime, and SSL certificate of any website or host, and can choose to receive alerts via email or Slack when your site is down, experiencing high latency, or has an SSL certificate that’s about to expire. Learn more about Uptime.

What is Uptime Monitoring?

Uptime monitoring is the periodic probing of an endpoint to determine if it is reachable or not. Additional health checks can also be performed, such as measuring the latency of the connection or the status of an application server’s SSL certificate.

When the probe fails to connect, or the health checks are outside of the configured range, alerts are sent out to the configured email address and Slack channels.

Use Cases

Uptime monitoring can be used to monitor the connectivity of any publicly-accessible server. You could monitor your HTTPS web server and receive a Slack alert if the latency exceeds a certain threshold. Or monitor your home IP address via ICMP (ping) to be alerted via email if it goes down.

Check Types

DigitalOcean Uptime supports checking uptime and latency to HTTPS and HTTP web server endpoints, as well as to any IPv4 address via ICMP ping.

For HTTPS checks only, Uptime will additionally monitor the SSL certificate expiration date.


Uptime checks can be performed from up to four different regions:

  • Asia East
  • Europe
  • USA East
  • USA West

Uptime and latency reports are generated for each selected region, and are also collected into a Global Uptime metric.

Historical Latency Charts

Connection latency is monitored and recorded from each selected region. The interactive Regional Latency graph shows this data for a user-selected time period, up to 90 days, and can be zoomed in or out to inspect the details of a particular incident or to view larger trends.


Alerts can be set for downtime, configurable latency thresholds, and SSL expiration dates. Notifications can be sent via email and Slack messages.