VPC Quickstart

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a private network interface for collections of DigitalOcean resources. VPC networks provide a more secure connection between resources because the network is inaccessible from the public internet and other VPC networks. Traffic within a VPC network doesn’t count against bandwidth usage.

Create a VPC Network

To create a VPC network:

  1. From the control panel, click Networking in the main menu, then click the VPC tab. In the VPC tab, click Create VPC Network.

  2. Choose a datacenter region. You cannot add resources to VPC networks that reside in different datacenter regions.

  3. Select how you want your network’s IP range to be generated. We strongly recommend choosing Generate an IP range for me to avoid overlapping network ranges.

  4. Name the network and, optionally, add a description. You can change the name and description after creation.

  5. Click Create VPC Network.

Add a New Resource to a VPC

To add a new resource to a VPC network:

  1. From the Create menu in the top right of the control panel, click the kind of resource you want to create, either Droplets, Clusters, Databases, or Load Balancers.

  2. On the create page, choose the specifications for your resource, including the VPC network. You must create the resource in the same datacenter region as the VPC network.

  3. Enter a name for the resource, then click Create.

The new resource is automatically added to the VPC network on creation.

Migrate an Existing Droplet to a VPC Network

To migrate an existing Droplet to a different VPC network, you need to create a snapshot of the Droplet and then recreate the Droplet in the network:

  1. Shut down the Droplet with sudo shutdown -h now.

  2. From the control panel, click the Droplet you want to snapshot.

  3. From the Droplet’s details page, click Snapshots, then click Take Snapshot. This creates an image of the Droplet in its current state that can be used to create new Droplets.

  4. From the Create menu, click Droplets.

  5. On the Create Droplets page, click the Snapshots tab and select the snapshot you want to create a new Droplet from.

  6. Choose a plan for the Droplet.

  7. Under Choose datacenter region, choose the region that your VPC network resides in, then select the target VPC network from the Choose a VPC network menu.

  8. Fill out the rest of the choices on the create page, then click Create. The new Droplet is created within your VPC network.