Reserved IP How-Tos

A DigitalOcean Reserved IP address is a publicly-accessible static IP address that you can assign to a Droplet and then reassign to another Droplet later, as needed. You can implement a failover mechanism with reserved IPs to build a high availability infrastructure.

Getting Started

Create a reserved IP and assign it to a Droplet to use it as an additional publicly-accessible IP address.
Reassign reserved IPs to different Droplets within the same datacenter or unassign them entirely.
Bind public services to your Droplet’s anchor IP to make them highly available through a reserved IP.

Reserved IP Management

Manually add an anchor IP to Droplets created before October 2015 or Droplets created from custom images to be able to assign a reserved IP.
Delete reserved IPs to permanently remove them from your account.
Send outbound traffic from your Droplet over a reserved IP address.