Reserved IP Limits

DigitalOcean Reserved IP addresses are a publicly-accessible static IP addresses. Assign and reassign reserved IP addresses to Droplets as needed, or implement a failover mechanism with reserved IPs to build a high availability infrastructure.

  • By default, you can reserve three reserved IPs per account. If you reach this limit, you can request more through the control panel.

  • Reserved IPs cannot be assigned to more than one Droplet at a time.

  • Droplets cannot have more than one Reserved IP address assigned to them at a time.

  • Reserved IPs do not support PTR (rDNS) records.

  • We do not support IPv6 reserved IPs. All reserved IPs are IPv4.

  • We do not support reserved IPs for DigitalOcean Kubernetes worker nodes.

  • A Droplet must have an anchor IP before you can assign a reserved IP to it. Droplets created after 20 October 2015 automatically have an anchor IP, and you can create an anchor IP on older Droplets.

  • Droplets created from a custom image do not receive an anchor IP address and do not require one to use a reserved IP. When you assign a reserved IP address to a Droplet created from a custom image, the reserved IP is automatically mapped to the Droplet’s public IPv4 address instead of an anchor IP.

  • Reserved IPs do not support SMTP traffic.