Teams Release Notes

January 2022

January 28

  • To continue improving collaboration on DigitalOcean, we have begun incrementally converting existing customers’ personal accounts to team accounts.

January 26

  • All new signups on DigitalOcean can now invite teammates immediately upon creating their account.

November 2021

November 30

  • To improve collaboration on our platform, a percentage of new signups on DigitalOcean will begin with a team account.

September 2021

September 28

  • Team members with the biller role no longer have view-only access to a team’s shared resources. Billers have full access to billing information only and no access to shared resources or team settings.

November 2019

November 14

October 2019

October 11

  • Users can now see the sign-in method (email, email + 2FA, Google, or GitHub) for team members on the team account page in the control panel.