Projects Release Notes

June 2022

June 2

  • When creating an app, you can add the app to a project. If you do not specify a project, it gets assigned to the default project. You can also move an app between projects.

December 2020

December 1

  • Fixed a bug that intermittently caused blank control panel pages in certain GeoIP regions.

March 2020

March 18

  • v1.15.0 of the DigitalOcean Terraform Provider is now available. This release includes new data sources for accessing information about DigitalOcean regions, images, and projects, a new resource for adding resources to projects not created via Terraform, and a number of other improvements.

February 2020

February 5

  • v1.14.0 of the DigitalOcean Terraform Provider is now available. This release includes a bug fix for projects containing many resources and exposes the Droplet IDs for individual nodes in Kubernetes clusters.

May 2019

May 9

November 2018

November 26

September 2018

September 11

  • Removed the list of environments (Production, Staging, Development) from the list of project purposes when creating projects. Added them as a separate dropdown on the Project Settings page.

  • Fixed a bug where a project containing only domains displayed an empty state that required users to scroll to access their domains.

  • Fixed a bug where domains with capital letters were not displaying the project on the Domain page.

August 2018

August 1

  • Updated all product documentation to reflect the release of DigitalOcean Projects, control panel side navigation, and the restructuring of the Accounts section.

July 2018

July 25

  • Released the following control panel updates:

    • Users can organize their resources into projects to fit the way they work. Projects allow users to group their Droplets, Spaces, Load Balancers, domains, and Floating IPs to align with the applications, environments, clients, and projects that they host on DigitalOcean
    • The main navigation of the control panel moved from top navigation to left navigation with updated styles.

    The changes are scheduled to reach all users by July 28.