Backups Release Notes

April 2024

15 April

February 2024

22 February

6 February

October 2023

17 October

  • Backups now remain available for four weeks even if the associated Droplet is deleted. Previously, deleting a Droplet would also delete its backups.

    You can view your backups and their expiration dates in the control panel and convert them to snapshots.

October 2018

23 October

  • Droplets created from custom images now support snapshots and backups.

June 2018

11 June

  • Expanded Droplet View allows customers using the Dashboard to click on a Droplet and quickly view additional information about the Droplet without having to go to the Droplet Page. It also updates the list of Droplets to display at a glance whether Backups are on/off and if a Floating IP is attached.