Swarm Lightnode

Swarm is a peer-to-peer network of Bee nodes that collectively provide censorship resistant decentralised storage and communication services. Swarm’s mission is to shape the future towards a self-sovereign global society and permissionless open markets by providing scalable base-layer data storage infrastructure for the decentralised internet. Its incentive system is enforced through smart contracts on the Gnosis Chain blockchain and powered by the xBZZ token, making it economically self-sustaining.

Software Included

Package Version License
Bee 1.18.2 BSD-3-Clause

Creating an App using the Control Panel

Click the Deploy to DigitalOcean button to create a Droplet based on this 1-Click App. If you aren’t logged in, this link will prompt you to log in with your DigitalOcean account.

Deploy to DO

Creating an App using the API

In addition to creating a Droplet from the Swarm Lightnode 1-Click App using the control panel, you can also use the DigitalOcean API. As an example, to create a 4GB Swarm Lightnode Droplet in the SFO2 region, you can use the following curl command. You need to either save your API access token) to an environment variable or substitute it in the command below.

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
         -H 'Authorization: Bearer '$TOKEN'' -d \
        '{"name":"choose_a_name","region":"sfo2","size":"s-2vcpu-4gb","image": "swarmfoundation-swarmlightnode"}' \

Getting Started After Deploying Swarm Lightnode

Connect to your instance with ssh root@your_droplet_public_ipv4

Verify Bee node with swarm-cli status

Participate in the network by following https://docs.ethswarm.org/