Minecraft Forge Edition Server

Minecraft Forge is a modding API (Application Programming Interface) for Minecraft, providing a way for mod creators to easily add new features, mechanics, and content to the game. It serves as a foundation for many Minecraft mods, allowing them to work together smoothly and efficiently. Forge simplifies the process of mod creation by providing tools and libraries that handle various aspects of modding, such as managing assets, handling interactions between mods, and providing an organized framework for developers to work within. It has become one of the most popular and widely used modding platforms for Minecraft, fostering a vibrant community of modders and players alike.

Minecraft mods, short for modifications, are user-created modifications or alterations to the gameplay, mechanics, graphics, or content of the popular sandbox video game Minecraft. These mods are developed by the Minecraft community using the game’s modding frameworks and APIs such as Forge or Fabric.

Mods can range from simple tweaks and enhancements to massive overhauls that introduce entirely new gameplay mechanics, biomes, creatures, items, and more. They can add new challenges, expand exploration opportunities, introduce magic systems, automation, or even completely transform the game into something entirely different from the original Minecraft experience.

Players can install mods to personalize their gameplay, enhance visuals, or introduce new challenges and adventures. Minecraft’s modding community is vibrant and diverse, with thousands of mods available for players to explore and enjoy, catering to a wide range of preferences and playstyles.

Software Included

Package Version License
Minecraft: Java Edition Server 1.20.1 Minecraft End User License Agreement
Minecraft Forge 1.20.2 Minecraft Forge Public Licence
Temurin JRE 21 Eclipse Public License 2.0
Temurin JDK 21 Eclipse Public License 2.0

Creating an App using the Control Panel

Click the Deploy to DigitalOcean button to create a Droplet based on this 1-Click App. If you aren’t logged in, this link will prompt you to log in with your DigitalOcean account.

Deploy to DO

Creating an App using the API

In addition to creating a Droplet from the Minecraft Forge Edition Server 1-Click App using the control panel, you can also use the DigitalOcean API. As an example, to create a 4GB Minecraft Forge Edition Server Droplet in the SFO2 region, you can use the following curl command. You need to either save your API access token) to an environment variable or substitute it in the command below.

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
         -H 'Authorization: Bearer '$TOKEN'' -d \
        '{"name":"choose_a_name","region":"sfo2","size":"s-2vcpu-4gb","image": "minecraftforgeed"}' \

Getting Started After Deploying Minecraft Forge Edition Server

After Minecraft Forge droplet is created, server will be available in 5 minutes. To test it, open minecraft, select Multiplayer game and add new server, IP address is the IP address of Minecraft Forge Droplet. Port is 25565. So server address should looks like %IP_ADDRESS%:25565.