Structured logging

Logtail lets you store logs in a structured form instead of a blob of text. You can do so much more with your logs than full-text search.

SQL log querying

Query logs with the language your team already knows: SQL. No need to learn an obscure log querying language.

Hosted Grafana dashboards

Number of user sessions over time? Average response time? You can chart it with a few clicks.

Anomaly detection alerts

Configure presence/absence alerts. Configure custom Slack alerts based on the contents of your logs. Logtail has a 1 click integration with Better Uptime for easy on-call alerting and incident management.


More secure than your self-hosted solution. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, stored in ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers. Security of your data is our no. 1 priority.

Team collaboration

Archive important log fragments, add comments and easily share links.

Unbeatable price

We use a custom-built data pipeline for storing and processing your logs instead of relying on the Elastic/ELK stack as most logging services do. We pass the cost savings to you.

Logtail is part of Better Stack

Installing this Add-On using the Control Panel

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