Better Uptime

Monitor everything you need

With Better Uptime you can check your website from locations on 4 continents and get a global overview of your website’s availability for users around the world.

Our fast and reliable checks let you monitor your endpoints as often as every 30 seconds. and make sure any issues are detected quickly.

With Better Uptime you can monitor uptime, ping, ports, cron jobs (heartbeats), APIs, SSL & TLD certificates, DNS, domain expiration, and more.

Try radically better uptime monitoring and get notified instantly when there is downtime.

Get alerted whenever you are

Never miss an alert again with unlimited worldwide voice alerting, and be the first one to know when your website goes down.

Integrate seamlessly with Slack and Microsoft Teams and receive alerts in your preferred messaging tool. On the go? Download our iOS or Android app and get instant push notifications wherever you are.

Get vital debug info, including incident screenshots, error logs, and second-by-second timeline embedded in all of your alerts.

Schedule on-calls and manage escalations

Multiple team members or teams? No problem, advanced on-call calendars let you manage multiple tiers of calendars across multiple teams. Replace Pingdom and Pagerduty all together.

Customize who on your team gets notified based on the incident origin, urgency, and context.

Communicate incidents with status pages

Get beautiful branded status pages on your own sub-domain in just a few clicks. Build trust with your users by sharing your system status at Seamlessly add your monitors in seconds.

Forget manual status updates and notify your customers about incidents automatically with email subscriptions and save time on one-on-one support.

Need status page for company stakeholders or a specific group of customers? Our password-protected status pages let you do just that.

Integrate everything

Plug in the services you already use, be it for monitoring, ChatOps, or incident management. Better Uptime integrates easily with Slack, Microsoft Teams, DataDog, New Relic, Grafana, Prometheus, Zabbix, Pingdom, Uptime Robot, Pagerduty and more.

Enjoy radically better uptime monitoring, on-call scheduling & alerting, and status pages in one place.

Better Uptime is part of Better Stack.

Installing this Add-On using the Control Panel

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