1ClickNode for Neo

Designed for everyone — from dApp developers to blockchain enthusiasts — 1ClickNode simplifies the traditionally complex process of setting up blockchain nodes, allowing you to focus on your projects, not the setup. This particular DigitalOcean app will setup a Neo node for you.

You will get quick access to a node that is hosted on your own DigitalOcean account and has:

  • a domain name
  • HTTPS support
  • a credentials-protected API

Software Included

Package Version License
1ClickNode Agent 1.0.0 Apache 2
Neo CLI 3.7.5 MIT License

Creating an App using the Control Panel

Click the Deploy to DigitalOcean button to create a Droplet based on this 1-Click App. If you aren’t logged in, this link will prompt you to log in with your DigitalOcean account.

Deploy to DO

Creating an App using the API

In addition to creating a Droplet from the 1ClickNode for Neo 1-Click App using the control panel, you can also use the DigitalOcean API. As an example, to create a 4GB 1ClickNode for Neo Droplet in the SFO2 region, you can use the following curl command. You need to either save your API access token) to an environment variable or substitute it in the command below.

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
         -H 'Authorization: Bearer '$TOKEN'' -d \
        '{"name":"choose_a_name","region":"sfo2","size":"s-2vcpu-4gb","image": "axlabs-1clicknodeforneo"}' \

Getting Started After Deploying 1ClickNode for Neo

Here is how this service works:

Step 1: Configure and create this droplet on your DigitalOcean account. Check the section “Choosing the right droplet configuration” below.

Step 2: After your droplet is created (takes up to 5min until it’s really reachable from the outside world), copy the droplet IP address and head to https://1clicknode.axlabs.com and paste the IP address there. You will be guided through a short setup process where you can chose the network and tier for your node.

Step 3: After the setup your node will be ready to use and you’ll see instructions on how to reach it. You’re done! 🎉

Choosing the right droplet configuration

The most important part in the droplet configuration is the disk space. The minimum disk size depends on which network (mainnet or testnet) and which tier (Basic, Professional, Advanced) you require. Read more about 1ClickNode tiers and which one is right for you in the section below.

The following table shows the minimum droplet size you should choose depending on the network and tier you require for your node.

Mainnet Testnet
Basic 25GB 25GB
Professional 25GB 25GB
Advanced 35GB 25GB

Regarding RAM and CPU, there is no minimum requirement.

Make sure to tick the “Add improved metrics monitoring and alerting (free) option on the configuration page. Without it you will not be able to check the disk usage of your droplet.

1ClickNode Tiers

1ClickNode for Neo has multiple tiers depending on your requirements. The tiers are different in two aspects: API capabilities and chain data syncing.

  • Basic comes with the API methods listed here in the sections Blockchain, Node, Smart Contract, Tool, and Wallet (only calculatenetworkfee and invokecontractverify of the Wallet section). After deployment your node will have to sync from block 0, thus, taking up to two days until it’s fully synced with the network.
  • Professional comes with the API methods of the Basic tier plus the API to fetch application logs (documented here). Furthermore, it is fully synced with the network in minutes — ready to go!
  • Advanced is like Professional, but additionally supports the API for fetching token information (documented here) and dealing with the blockchain’s state (documented here).