OpenSearch How-Tos

OpenSearch is an open-source search and analytics suite which serves as a centralized location to manage logs forwarded from other resources, such as databases and Droplets.

Getting Started

Create a OpenSearch cluster from the DigitalOcean Control Panel.
Forward logs from managed databases and Droplets to your Managed OpenSearch cluster.
Add additional security to an OpenSearch managed database cluster by restricting incoming connections and using encrypted connections.
Customize the maintenance window for automatic software updates to your database cluster.
Organize OpenSearch databases clusters with tags to group and filter databases or create monitoring alert policies for multiple databases at once.

Cluster Management

Increase the size of your database cluster to accommodate your data needs.
Change a cluster’s regional datacenter.
Fork a database cluster to create a new cluster from an existing cluster based on a specific point in time.
Recover from accidental data loss by manually restoring a OpenSearch database cluster from backups.
Destroy a database cluster to permanently and irreversibly destroy the cluster, its contents, and its automated backups.

Cluster Infrastructure

Access and understand performance metrics for nodes in a database cluster.
Configure alert policies based on database cluster performance metrics.
Edit your database engine’s configuration and parameters via the API.