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Deployments Quickstart

Paperspace Deployments are containers-as-a-service that allow you to run container images and serve machine learning models using a high-performance, low-latency service with a RESTful API.

Create a Deployment

  1. Go to Create a new project if you haven’t created one already.

  2. In the project, click the Deployments tab and click Create.

  3. Select a machine to run your deployment on.

  4. Specify a name for your deployment.

  5. Specify a container image to run.

  6. Specify resources such as the port and number of replicas. If you want to automatically scale your deployment based resource utilization of your app, turn on Autoscaling.

  7. Integrate additional services to your app.

  8. Specify environment variables and health checks for your app.

  9. Review the price summary and click Deploy to deploy your app.

Disable a Deployment

  1. Go to, click the Deployments tab and select your deployment.

  2. In the Settings tab, in the Disable deployment section, click Disable Deployment.

Delete a Deployment

  1. Go to

  2. Click the menu next to the deployment you want to delete and select Delete.

  3. Click Delete to delete the deployment.