IPv6 Limits

IP addresses let machines communicate across a network. DigitalOcean Droplets are assigned IPv4 addresses by default. Enabling IPv6 on a Droplet gives you access to its 16 additional IPv6 addresses.

  • IPv6 support is currently a Droplet-exclusive feature. Load balancers, Reserved IPs, and other DigitalOcean products do not currently support IPv6.

  • To use IPv6, it must be enabled and configured at both ends of a connection: where you’re connecting from (like your home or work network) and where you’re connecting to (like a Droplet). Not all ISPs offer IPv6 addresses for customers, so you may not be able to connect to an IPv6 address directly from your local machine.

  • We support a maximum of 16 addresses (a subnet mask of /124) per Droplet. Additional addresses are not available.

  • If the name of an IPv6-enabled Droplet is an FQDN, a PTR record is automatically generated only for the first IPv6 address assigned to the Droplet, not to all 16 addresses available.

  • You cannot enable IPv6 on Droplets created from custom images.

  • SMTP traffic over IPv6 is blocked at the network level.

  • We do not support IPv6 for VPC networking.

  • IPv6 addresses assigned to a Droplet remain static for the life of the Droplet. Once the Droplet is destroyed, the address is released back into a pool of available addresses in its respective datacenter. Once back in the pool, the chances of obtaining the same address again are unlikely.