A bucket is a public cloud storage resource or container that stores objects or data.

DigitalOcean Spaces uses buckets as logical groupings of data. The bucket contains all objects and data stored in Spaces. You use buckets to organize data and control who has access to the data; however, you cannot nest buckets.

Prior to 2023, DigitalOcean referred to buckets as “Spaces”, the same as the product name. Now DigitalOcean uses the term bucket to be consistent with industry standards.

Spaces currently does not support DigitalOcean tags or bucket tags.

Bucket Articles

Share objects in your Spaces buckets using Quick Share links, the AWS SDK, or Cyberduck.
Review data storage options for App Platform.
Enable the built-in Spaces content delivery network (CDN) to deliver content faster and more reliably and add an extra layer of redundancy for websites.