Projects Quickstart

Projects let you organize your DigitalOcean resources (like Droplets, Spaces, and load balancers) into groups that fit the way you work. You can create projects that align with the applications, environments, and clients that you host on DigitalOcean.

Create Projects

  1. From the control panel’s main navigation, click + New Project.
  2. Enter the name, description, and purpose of the project.
  3. Click Create Project.
  4. Click Move Resources to move existing resources into your project during creation. Alternatively, you can Skip for now. Both choices finalize the creation of your project.

Newly-created resources are automatically added to the project you’re in. When you have multiple projects, you can select the project you want to add the resource.

Move Resources between Projects

Moving a resource removes it from its original project and adds it to a different project.

To move multiple resources from other projects into one project:

  1. From inside the target project, click the Move Resources button.
  2. Start typing to find and select the resources you want to move.
  3. Click Move to [Project Name].

To move resources individually from one project into another:

  1. From the project with the resource, open the resource’s menu by clicking .
  2. Click Move to… to open the Select project menu.
  3. Choose the new project from the dropdown.
  4. Click Move to [Project Name].

Project-based resources must belong to a project. To remove it, you can either destroy the resource or move it to a different project.

Change the Default Project

The default project appears at the top of the Projects list in the main menu. To set a different project as default:

  1. Select the project from the navigation menu.
  2. Click its Settings tab.
  3. Check the box next to This is my default project.
  4. Click Save.

Once you navigate away or reload the page, the project appears at the top of the list.

Delete Projects

You can only delete projects that have no resources and are not the default project. To delete a project:

  1. Move all resources out of the project.
  2. Make sure the project is not the default project.
  3. Visit the project’s Settings tab.
  4. Click Delete Project.
  5. When prompted, click Confirm Delete.