What is the best way to open a ticket?

DigitalOcean provides free ticket-based support to all customers, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where to Open Tickets

  • To report abuse, contact our trust and safety team.

    We are committed to a better Internet and take violations of the Rules of Conduct in our Terms of Service agreement from sites we host seriously.

  • If you cannot sign in to your account: use our account recovery form.

    Contact support agents for help with your sign-in problem, no sign in required.

  • For account questions and technical problems, follow the instructions and best practices outlined in the next section.

Before Submitting a Ticket

To help you resolve issues as efficiently as possible, we recommend you take the following steps as you prepare to submit a ticket:

Check the status page

Before opening a ticket, especially if you experience a delay or connectivity issue, check the DigitalOcean status page to see if the problem is caused by a system-wide issue.

Search for answers

Some problems require a support ticket, but we have solutions to many problems already documented. Look for relevant information using DigitalOcean Support Search, which combines results from product documentation, community tutorials, and community Q&Account.

If you’re unable to find an answer there or from a more general Internet search, use the following guidelines to open a ticket.

Write the content of the ticket locally

Browsers crash and tabs get closed accidentally. We recommend that you write the ticket in a text editor and paste it into the web form. As you write, consider the items below and include the information relevant to your situation.

Include the right information

The sooner our support agents have the information they need to troubleshoot, the faster they can help you. Consider the items below and include the information relevant to your situation in your ticket:

  • Explain what you want to do and what you expect to happen.
  • If you ran into a problem, describe it as specifically as possible.
  • Walk through the steps that lead to the problem as you write them.
  • If you encounter error messages, include the specific text.
  • Take and attach screenshots where it makes sense.

Submitting a Ticket

You can view existing tickets and open a new ticket by clicking the support link in the control panel’s main navigation menu or by visiting the Help Center directly.

Sign in to the Help Center with the same credentials that you use to sign in to the control panel. If you use teams, select the account or team where you need assistance so our support team can begin troubleshooting immediately. You can check that you are signed in to the correct account or team by clicking the account icon in the upper-right corner of the Help Center or control panel.

The profile icon menu displayed

You can attach up to three files and each can be no larger than 2 GB. Use JPG, PNG, text, PDF, and other non-executable file formats. Support does not review or open executable files like .zip, .tar, and .exe due to the security risk.

When you successfully submit a ticket, it appears in the Help center and we send an email to your account address. You can interact with support either by replying to the email or using the Help Center portal.

No, support plans do not apply to Cloudways or Paperspace offerings.
Yes, you can set up billing alerts.