What other support resources are available to customers besides DigitalOcean support plans?

In addition to DigitalOcean support plans, we offer:

  • Product documentation - These docs cover how to use each DigitalOcean service and all of their respective features, including quickstarts, how-to guides, and product reference information.
  • Support knowledge base - A large collection of short Question-Answer style articles covering the most common questions the DigitalOcean Support team receives. This current page resides within that knowledge base.
  • Community Tutorials - A large catalog of mostly platform agnostic tutorials that cover a broad variety of topics, such as how to deploy websites using nginx, how to use shell scripts, and how to manage SSH keys.
  • Forums - An active community forum where users can ask other DigitalOcean users for advice or insight into problems they’re experiencing.

Read more about our support plans to see how they compare and how to sign up.

No, support plans do not apply to Cloudways or Paperspace offerings.
Yes, you can set up billing alerts.