Support Plans FAQ

The Support Plans topic covers frequently asked questions about Starter, Developer, Standard, and Premium support plans.

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No, support plans do not apply to Cloudways or Paperspace offerings.
Yes, you can set up billing alerts.
No, we do not offer refunds for support plans.
No, you cannot prepay for DigitalOcean support plans at this time.
You can downgrade your plan to a Developer, Standard, or free Starter plan using the control panel.
You can purchase support plans through our website.
Yes, downgrading to a Standard, Developer, or Starter plan takes 30 days to take effect.
We apply taxes in accordance to your country’s tax laws.
Live chat, Slack, and video support are available for Premium Support customers.
No, response times are dependent only on your support plan.
You can launch chat sessions from the DigitalOcean Support portal.
All customers can open support requests through the support portal. Additionally, Premium Support customers can initiate chats from the support portal and work with their Technical Account Manager via Slack.
Anywhere between 30 minutes to 24 hours, depending on your support plan.
All support plans offer 24 hour coverage, seven days a week.
You can purchase a support plan that provides faster response times and more resources.
Support chat is staffed 24 hours a day by our Support team; Slack support is staffed by your Technical Account Manager and is only available during regular business hours.
We provide product documentation, a support knowledge base, community tutorials, and forums.
Only the account with the problem and support plan can create a support request.
Free and paid support plans are available.