Snapshot transfers to other users are temporarily unavailable for some new accounts

To improve collaboration on our platform, starting on 30 November 2021, a percentage of new signups on DigitalOcean will begin with a team account

These users will be temporarily unable to transfer snapshots to other users by email address. As a workaround, these users can transfer snapshots to other users using teams:

  1. Make sure the user with the snapshot and the user receiving the snapshot are on the other person to their team.
  2. Follow the regular snapshot transfer process and choose the shared team as the destination.
  3. Once the transfer is complete, the two users do not need to remain on a team together. The new owner of the snapshot can keep the snapshot on the shared team, transfer it to another team they are a member of, or transfer it to a personal account.

We’re working on an improved snapshot transfer feature which will restore the option to send snapshots to a user email address for affected users.

You can disable device verification by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) or by authenticating with Google or GitHub.
Change the email address on your account from the Manage Account page.
Switch from Google or GitHub SSO to the username and password sign-in method on the My Account page.