How do I troubleshoot MySQL compatibility issues with WordPress?

If you are experiencing compatibility issues between MySQL and WordPress or any of its plug-ins, it may be due to your database’s default configuration.

MySQL databases have a configuration variable named sql_mode, which features a wide array of settings that can be individually adjusted. These settings are detailed in the official sql_mode documentation.

Two of these settings in particular often create compatibility issues with WordPress and its plug-ins:

  • ansi_quotes (boolean): Determines how double-quotes (“”) are handled. When set to True (default), you can use double-quotes to wrap string partials. When set to False, you can use double-quotes as identifier quote characters, like backticks.
  • sql_require_primary_key (boolean): Determines whether primary keys are a requirement. When set to True (default), primary keys are required. When set to False, primary keys are optional.

To troubleshoot these issues, first try setting ansi_quotes to False by following How to Set Global SQL Mode on MySQL Clusters.

Then, if your cluster only has one node, you can also try setting sql_require_primary_key to False. However, we do not currently support adjusting this mode in the control panel. Instead, you can set this mode by making a configuration request via our API.

For clusters with more than one node, we strongly recommend keeping sql_require_primary_key as True. Setting it to False may severely impact replication and cause issues.
Check your network connection or revise your query.
Ensure your queries are not timing out and check your network connection.
Verify your login credentials and user permissions.