How do I install cPanel on an Ubuntu Droplet?

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides a graphical user interface to manage the websites hosted on your server.

Because cPanel manages your website’s resources from a prescribed set of directories on the server, we recommend installing cPanel on a new Droplet and then setting up your website using cPanel.

To install cPanel, you can either deploy a new Droplet with cPanel already installed on it using our 1-click cPanel+WHM image, or you can manually install cPanel on a new or existing Droplet.

1-Click Image

To set up a new Droplet with cPanel already installed on it, go to our Marketplace page for the cPanel & WHM for Ubuntu image. From the image’s page, click Create cPanel &WHM for Ubuntu Droplet.

From the Create Droplet menu, select your Droplet configuration options and then click Create Droplet. For more specific information about the Droplet creation process, see How to Create a Droplet from the DigitalOcean Control Panel.

Instructions provided by cPanel when installation has finished

Once you’ve created the Droplet, log in to it. Logging in to the Droplet automatically starts cPanel’s installation. Once the installation is complete, cPanel returns instructions in the terminal on how to log in to and set up your Droplet’s instance of cPanel using your web browser. Follow the instructions provided in the terminal, and subsequently your web browser, to continue setting up cPanel.

Manual Installation

To install cPanel manually on a Droplet, review cPanel’s installation documentation for more information.

All Droplets are assigned IPs that are owned by DigitalOcean, which is headquartered in the US.
Older Droplets that did not have VPC enabled prior to October 2020 cannot be added to a VPC network without changing its IP address.
Edit your Droplet’s sshd_config file to change its SSH port.