How do I fix the `pg_dumpall` error `permission denied for table pg_authid`?

The pg_dumpall: error: query failed: ERROR: permission denied for table pg_authid error typically occurs when you do not have the necessary privileges to access the pg_authid table, which stores information about database user roles and their authentication.

The doadmin user lacks permission to access the pg_authid table; however, it does have access to all other necessary system tables and information required for the dump.

To fix this issue, include the --no-role-passwords flag in the pg_dumpall command. For example:

pg_dumpall -h <your_host> -U <your_username> -p 25060 -Fc <your_database> --no-role-passwords > <path/to/your_dump_file.pgsql>

Specifying the --no-role-passwords flag excludes role passwords from the dump. This allows the process to proceed without pg_authid table permission errors and without comprising the security of role passwords.

To learn about the pg_dumpall command flags, see our guide on exporting a PostgreSQL database.