How do I downgrade my Developer, Standard, or Premium Support plan?

If you want to downgrade your support to another plan, such as the Starter plan that is free to all DigitalOcean customers, you can update your plan from the DigitalOcean Control Panel. To change your plan from the control panel, click Support from the left menu and then click the Plan tab.

The Plan tab displays the available DigitalOcean support plans. To select a different plan, click the Select Plan button of the plan you would like to switch to. Your Support plan changes to the newly selected plan, but requires 30 days to take effect if you are downgrading.

If you are a Premium Support customer and want to downgrade to another plan, you can also contact your Solution Architect.

Read more about our support plans to see how they compare and how to sign up.

No, support plans do not apply to Cloudways or Paperspace offerings.
Yes, you can set up billing alerts.