How do I change my account email address?

You can change your email address from the My Account page.

To access your account settings, click the profile icon in the top right of the control panel. In the icon’s drop-down menu, click My Account. In the Sign-in method section, click Change. From the drop-down menu, click Update email address.

The edit sign-in method section of the profile settings page

Enter your new email address into Enter new email address field. Then enter your current password into Confirm password field to confirm the change. Click Update to submit the change.

A confirmation is sent to your new email address to confirm the change. The change does not take effect until you click the link in the confirmation email.

If you were expecting an email with the code, check your spam folder. If you were expecting an SMS message, make sure you aren’t blocking communications from us and that you have the correct phone number on the account.
Your username is the email you used to sign up for DigitalOcean. You can request a password reset email from the login page.
If you can’t access to the email account you use with your DigitalOcean account, first try restoring access to your email account by contacting your email administrator, renewing your domain’s registration, or setting up another email server.