How do I manually back up my Droplet?

There are three ways to manually back up a Droplet. You can create a DigitalOcean snapshot for an on-demand full disk image, convert an automatic DigitalOcean backup into a snapshot, or use a third-party tool for a partial backup.

Use DigitalOcean Snapshots for Full System Backups

A DigitalOcean Snapshot is an on-demand full disk image of a Droplet. When you snapshot a Droplet, the image is saved to your account and remains there until you delete it. You can use snapshots to restore an existing Droplet or create a new Droplet from that point in time.

Convert Automatic DigitalOcean Backups into Snapshots

When you enable backups on a Droplet, we automatically create a full disk image of the Droplet every week. Like snapshots, backup images are saved to your account, and you can use backups to restore an existing Droplet or create new Droplets from that point in time.

Unlike snapshots, backup images only remain in your account for 4 weeks. To keep a backup indefinitely, convert the backup into a snapshot.

Use Third-Party Tools for Partial Backups

To back up part of a Droplet, such as configuration or data, you can use third-party tools like rsync or SFTP.