Blr1 Release Notes

July 2023

July 7

November 2021

November 9

April 2021

April 27

  • Premium AMD Droplets are now available in NYC1, SGP1, AMS3, BLR1, LON1, and TOR1. You can view the availability of all of our products by datacenter in the regional availability matrix.

March 2021

March 9

  • Storage Optimized Droplets are now available in TOR1 and BLR1.

February 2021

February 11

  • App Platform is now available in SGP1 and BLR1.

September 2019

September 4

August 2018

August 1

July 2018

July 10

  • Private networking isolation was released in the AMS2, BLR1, and TOR1 datacenters. Communication over the private network in those datacenters is now restricted to other resources within an account or team.

February 2018

February 6

  • Block storage cluster in Bangalore and London upgraded to Ceph Luminous, reducing median cluster latency by 50%