Ams3 Release Notes

April 2021

April 27

  • Premium AMD Droplets are now available in NYC1, SGP1, AMS3, BLR1, LON1, and TOR1. You can view the availability of all of our products by datacenter in the regional availability matrix.

March 2020

March 11

  • We have finished expanding the AMS3 datacenter to address capacity and load issues with Spaces in that region. As a result, we have reenabled the creation of new Spaces in AMS3. The allowance and rate limits on uploads to Spaces in AMS3 will stay in place to ensure high performance.

September 2019

September 10

August 2019

August 27

July 2019

July 19

April 2019

April 2

August 2018

August 1

July 2018

July 11

January 2018

January 9

  • With the release in AMS3, we now have volumes in all regions.